Moving the Buck House


For those of you who are just tuning in, CCAT is undergoing a move. They started out in the Buck House about 100 feet from where they presently sit in the Jenkins House, but then the university decided they wanted to build a building in that exact spot. They were kind enough to offer to move the Buck House, rather than destroy it. Two years later than originally promised, they finally moved the Buck House to its new location. Much work remains to be done before it can be inhabited again.

This has nothing to do with CCAT. A few days before, there was one toilet here. Now there are two. Why are there any?

Now we are at CCAT. The Buck House took something like 6 hours to move a hundred feet.

The two houses, together at last.

Josh and Aaron arrived to watch the show. We advised them not to come up through the hole in the roof.

Why is there a hole in the roof over the bathroom window?

This is the creature the Buck House was moved for.

The roof of the yurt. I don't think I'd ever been inside before.