Another CCAT employee meeting


You know, I like, as much as anybody, to think that we all left this whole "cool/uncool" dichotomy behind in high school, but when I saw this, all I could think was "What kind of a nerd..."

Take time out for things that matter.

We got into small groups to discuss ways we could make CCAT better. If memory serves, we were the yaks, llama/alpacas and goats. The highlight of the activity was Glenn's artwork.

Glenn refused to draw a goat, so Rosie took it upon herself.

Glenn's bigfoot creature? Llama/Alpaca?

Yak, I presume?

Rosie's goat.

Bell was in my group. I think we were Yaks.

So was Pete.

Who took this picture? That's my purse, so it wasn't me.

Chaos in the kitchen!

I'm not sure what this is.

The chaos continues.

Patrick, attempting to catch Pete trying to flip Sara over his shoulder.

Pete had minimal success.

I finally got a hint and moved out of the way.

But only for a little while.