Camping with the Onion St kids


I got sort of a sudden invitation to go camping with Aaron, Sierra, Josh, Karen and Rosie. I deleted most of the pictures because they were blurry.

We walked a good distance to the camp site. We saw a few frogs, but they moved too quickly for me to get a clear picture of

We found a rope swing. We knew Josh would have to try and kill himself on it.

Good work, Josh.

We stopped to admire an elk who was a little too close to the next section of trail.

Aah, the rickety bridge made of haphazard boards and logs. What fun it was.

Karen and I stopped to take pictures while the others got annoyed that we weren't hurrying.

They got even more annoyed when I insisted we all stop to have our picture taken on this bridge, but they humored me, and I appreciated it.

"...When you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."


This was where they camped last time, but this time there were some puddles in which some mosquitos had made their home, so plowed on, in search of a new camp site.

Someone decapitated an ogre! It sounds unlikely, but, we couldn't figure out what else it could be. It was too light to be a rock, it could have been plant matter, but not from any plant any of us had ever seen. The only logical explanation was that it was the head of an ogre.

Notice Aaron's CCAT shirt

As a soils major, Rosie found this phenomenon fascinating

The new camp site.

Sierra and Aaron went to the next rock to see if that might be a better camp site. It was not.

Bear footprints! Right through the middle of where we were camping.

We (or rather, those knowledgeable in these things, ie, not me) decided to hang the food in case the bear should come back tonight.

That night we read Beowulf aloud, and replaced words like "king" and "Danes" with "bear". Beobear became our mascot.

I think Aaron and Sierra are hiding in this picture somewhere.

Karen and I opted to sleep in the tent. We woke up earlier than everybody else, and took pictures while they slept. Rosie's one woman tent was empty but for the bags.

Aaron and Sierra were staying an extra couple days, but the rest of us were leaving in short order; I had to be at work at 11. I demanded one final group picture. The ol' "hold the camera at arm's length" was not going to work.

Look at how we all match. We didn't do that on purpose.

Josh tried to walk off with the toilet paper. Aaron was not going to permit that to happen.

Karen found a bear in this log. It took us a minute, but we soon we all saw it, I think we were all seeing different bears, but by this time, we were pretty enthusiastic about bears.

I took a turn on Josh's Rope Swing Of Death. I got to about the point pictured when I realized that even stopped next to the tree I was about 5 feet off the ground and had a panic attack.

Karen had just parked her van on the side of the freeway. None of us were really sure if it was legal, but there was no indication that it wasn't. You can imagine our panic when we emerged from the forest to see this. Turns out it was just the fire department clearing brush on the trail.