My broken computer


I shipped my computer home to myself, but it arrived in pretty sad shape. The next day the insurance company declared my car totalled after a run-in with a deer. I was one sad panda.

I went down to the Post Office to make the insurance claim, and suddenly I got real worried that once they had my computer, they were going to claim they'd never seen it, or it had no such damage, so I surreptitiously took these to prove it was indeed damaged.

It's in a new tower, but it's the same computer seen being assembled here, back when the mysteries hardware were forbidden and dangerous.

The door was wedged open somehow, and the motherboard and chasis were pushed forward, completely warping the PCI cards.

The completely warped PCI cards.

The postal worker filling out the paperwork had to describe the damage. She kept pointing to parts and asking me what they were called.