Two bonfires in a single night!


I believe this was an Ashley bonfire, but I don't recall what the occasion was, or if there was one. There were many Ashley-related trips to Moonlight Beach.

Who realizes he cannot fend of my skillful attacks, so resorts to wearing a Pocahontas shield.

No, we can still see it.

Lia came in fron the water.

Who's brother, Stephen, or perhaps Steven, was charged with the duty of collecting palettes. Every couple hours he would come back with 4 or 5 more palettes. He put a lot of work into getting firewood for a fire he didn't even attend. Point being we had a lot of wood. Insert 7th grade humor here.

We fear the wrath of the fire!

Yeah, eventually we got to stacking on like 4 at a time. It was awesome.

We're falling! Oh no!

Oh, there's Stephen/Steven

See all the palettes?

There's a pile of stuff.

That suddenly transformed into Ashley. That was strange.

My sandals left funny prints in the sand.

Who incinerates three palettes at a time! We felt if he tried for four they might fall over.

It was about this time that we got a call from Rory and Garrett, on their way over. Stephen and Billy Jones were supposed to come but called shortly after Rory and Garrett to invite us to another bonfire in Carlsbad. We decided to stick around long enough for Rory and Garrett to arrive and then decide what to do. During this intermission, The Man came along to tell us the beach was closed, which made our choice clear. Once The Man was gone we tossed on all 5 remaining palettes at once and left.

I only took a couple pictures at Billy and Stephen's bonfire. But it was awesome. Nothing makes me happy like seeing Billy Jones.

Absolutely nothing.