Out of focus bonfire pictures


Ashley is always so considerate about us non-meat eaters. She always brings fake meat, and offers to cook it before the real meat, so it doesn't get cooties. I'm personally not afraid fo cooties in that context, but it's still very nice of her.

Lia waited all day for that pit, and then those bitches came along and stole it. There was some stuff there, and they were like "This is our stuff, we've been here all day", so she left. Then the real owners of the stuff arrived to collect it, and blew their cover.


We should kill them.

It was the red tide, so Ashley and Lia and I went to go see it. I'd never seen the red tide before, so I was mightily surprised when the waves were glowing blue. Turns out it's red during the day and blue at night. Who wandered over after a little while, and we spent the majority of the night throwing rocks at these 3 Slurpee cups. My aim is unbelievably bad.