My 23rd birthday


I threw myself a birthday party for the first time in 8 years. I celebrated a couple days early so it could fall on a Saturday. There was a good turnout, I was really flattered that so many people who showed up,

But Sierra's not so sure about it.

Rosie made me a cake! During my birthday party! And then she did dishes! Have you ever met anybody so kind and wonderful as Rosie?

Between the CCAT intern and Mason's little sister, it was a two Megan party

I made Josh move my bed out for use as a couch, just like I do every time he comes to my house. Then we let the stay cat in.

Josh balacing a pen on his lip.

I think Who was spooked by all the people in the house; he sat with his back to the fridge just about all night.

Aaron gave Rosie a blurry piggy back ride

I blind you with my mighty flash!

Josh does a special dance to woo Rick.

Glenn and Krystal brought me Newman-O's. When these ran out Pat arrived with more. People know how to make me happy.

I bet Glenn loves this picture more than any picture that has ever been taken of him.

Josh, Lauren and Tracy brought me some awesome stuff, including glowsticks. That was how we spent the beginning of the party: we hooked them all together and played jump rope. Then later we played catch with them.

This is the gnome hat Sierra found on the ground. Unfortunately, it has since returned to obscurity, but it was a glorious thing while it lasted.

The tubes the glow sticks cam in also functioned as fabulous conductor wands or weapons.

It was a 3 Josh party. There was talk, which tickled me greatly, of starting a Josh Club. They would search the school address list in search of people named Josh or Joshua, and get together and have their picture taken. Then they would make t-shirts, that said "Josh" on the front, and "ua" on the back. I'm sad that never materialized.

As the night wore on, the focus returned to the glowsticks.

I think this was a picture of someone's attempt to hula hoop with one. The attempt was made, in any event.

Eventually we found a method of putting them back in the tubes they'd been packaged in and throwing them at people. The highlight of which was the first time. One Josh had been waving the magic wand at another (Joshes M and Engle, respectively). I got the bright idea to put the glow stick back in the tube, and once I had done so, I instructed the aggressor Josh to wave his wand again. As he did, I swung my wand and the glowstick flew at him, causing him to drop all the glowsticks he was wearing or holding. Aggressor Josh excalimed, "He lost his magic!"

Well, maybe you had to be there.

Another time, someone had chucked one of the smaller glowsticks at someone on the opposite side of the room. The glowstick fell behind the blinds at just the right angle to not stay hovering between the blinds and the window. We left it like that for months, but one day we had a guest who didn't know the magic, and opened the blinds.

So maybe this doesn't make for the best picture. But at least I got the damn picture finally.

Rosie brought me a rose. It lived very happily on my window sill until the sun disappeared again and it died.