Happy birthday to me


Katie Rice took this picture of me. I love how there's an unidentified hand coming in the side. Actually I think the hand belonged to Gonzolo. He yanked it from me and caused me to un-pose about a hundredth of a second after this picture was taken. We thought it screwed the picture up, but it turned out OK. Super cool Caroline Conlon gave me the balloon.

Jodi made me a vegan birthday cake. It was kinda gross looking. I ate it (with my eyes closed) and it was pretty good. But then liquid was appearing from somewhere and puddling into the hole I was creating by eating it. It was kind of unnerving eating a "vegan" bleeding cake.

Meghann Sweeney putting the candles in place

Look, I'm turning 71!

Joe Castiglione lighting the candles

The seven melted funny, so eventually it looked like I was turning 11.

At this point I handed the camera over to Jodi, and she isn't familiar with it, and subsequently didn't know if she was taking a picture or not, which left us with three pictures of this same scene: me with the cake

This looks really creepy with just an arm coming in the side of the picture. I think it belongs to Joe Castiglione

More of Meghann Sweeney and I with the cake


This was from when everybody came over. I tried to cram them all in the cellar, but they didn't fit. These fine specimens however are watching the greatest movie ever made: Devil's Advocate. I invited way too many people. It makes me nervous having more than like two people at my house. I feel like I have to know where they all are, and what they're doing, who they're talking to, what they're probably thinking about, that sort of thing. And I had a lot more than three there, so I was all scatterbrained the whole time, and later Billy and Jessie were like "Are you mad? Or are you acting like that for another reason?". I wasn't mad. I was just all flustered (is there a cooler word out there than "flusterd"?).

Out of a roll of 24 exposures, I got seven back.

Rory and Gonzalo were some of the people outside. They were playing Billy's guitar.

John and Shannon fighting with sticks.

John playing in the bamboo

I took a bunch of homies to this resturaunt down the street from my house.

We've lived in the same house all my life, and this resturaunt has been a block away since my parents moved in. Not once in 17 years did I go there. Last week Jodi took Meghann Sweeney and I, and I went six times that week.