Berkeley with Jodi!


All my riches to remember all the wisdom that this Willits (?) truck tried to share. The top right say something to the effect of:

Life before Jesus: :(
Life after Jesus: :)
At least we agree on the "life after Jesus" part. The one below says:
B - asic
I - nstructions
B - efore
L - eaving
E - arth

In Berkeley, Jodi and Alex.

The expression on Alex's face brings me great joy.

This is slightly better.

What is going on with my eyes?

The next day! Pizza! Oh my god, do you know how long it's been since I've had pizza something that even remotely resembled pizza? No you don't. It was like 6 years. And on this day, we had it.

We ate the whole thing.

Jodi, a happy butterfly.

A more Jodi-like picture.

Alex, getting some sort of smoothie at the vegan Rastafarian place.

Jodi picked us all flowers.

The Church in the distance has a cross in the stained glass window and another nailed to the building right on top of it. Just in case you're not sure if it's a church or not.

We picked Kat up from the airport.

And we killed time until it was time for sushi and pizza.

Jodi kept wanting to leave and walk, but thanks to my dedicated inertia, we sat on the couch instead.

Oh Rose Prince Ken, my love for you grows every time I see you.

Tell me you feel the same way about me.

I knew you did.

As if it's not wonderful enough that Lifetime is now putting their made for TV movies (made for TV movies for women) on DVD, they're also reminding you who made it.

Reel Video knows the reel joy of Lifetime movies.

On the trip back to Humboldt, we again stop in Willits.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Every time I drive past here, I think, "At least I didn't go to Willits High"

Ahh, the open road.

Normally it's right about here that my camera takes it upon itself to turn itself off. It's because it knows I've always wanted a picture of the sign indicating Humboldt-Mendicino County line.

And I finally got it! Not as close as I'd like, but not bad considering I was driving.