They were apparently doing work on the 101, and had cut it down to 1 lane. I figured I'd be waiting at 20 or 30 minutes because that's what they used to do, but it was only a couple.

I entertained myself with my camera.

Then! Yes! Some sort of machine was going down the road at 5 miles per hours. In a 65 zone. People just started going around, so it moved closer to the center, so no one could pass it.

Eventually it sped up to 10 miles per hour.

After a few miles, it kindly pulled over.

Don't forget the magic!

Once in Berkeley, I was rather amused by this church. At the top is a cross. Below that is a stained glass window featuring, you guessed it, a cross.

Alex and Kat's new dwelling. Featuring Alex on the deck. We were trying to get in touch with the owner so we could get a copy of the key. Alex and Kat live in an apartment built into the side of the house.

I parked oh-so legally.

Eventually a resident pulled up, and gave Alex a key to his heart, which also worked for the larger house. Still no way to get into their new living space.

Their old living space. The window on the right is theirs.

While he was waiting for me to arrive, Alex took sticks from a pile of yard debris and tied them up with twine.

Doesn't Alex's pile look nicer than the not-Alex pile?

We went to Party Sushi, which is Berkeley's answer to sacred and beloved Sushi Deli. Although I remain faithful, Sushi Deli does not have such whimsically named food items as "Power Roll" and "Mega Party Roll."

Nor does it have Alex and Kat. Usually.

While we waited for our sushi to arrive, Alex chanted "Sushi sushi sushi..."

I parked here, and we couldn't read the sign. So I took a picture of it, hoping to read it off my camera, but it was too small.

We went in search of food, after which we were going to start moving. Alas, we got caught in the 'tween hours: too late for lunch, too early for dinner. Although we'd already gotten olive bread, it made us late for our appointment with the sushi place. We headed over to Oakland to go to an Indian restaurant, but it had also just closed for not-lunch/not-dinner. Here, Kat and Alex look up a restaurant in the area so we can possibly go there. Alas, they were closed.

And on a completely unrelated note: Surprise!

Still nothing in the phone book.

On the way back to Berkeley we stopped at an Italian place that have vegan calzones (but not pizza!). We ate it in the park.

After this we went to Whole Foods, at my insistence, and got cake. Kat mentioned a place with alleged vegan pizza, so after we all finished our desert, we went to go scope the place out.

It was open! And vegan! So we ate much pizza.

By this time, the original sushi place was open. We left there about midnight. All in all we'd spent the last 10 hours looking for food or eating. Needless to say, we did not get much moving done that day.

The view from the new dwelling. We finally got the key to the new place, when means we can start moving.

The person who'd lived there previously left Kat and Alex many gifts, including this empty bottle of absinthe.

And some antacids.

A not-cellular flip-phone...

Only moderately larger than Alex's cellular flip phone.

I moved a pan and found this jar. Lacking a better way to describe it, I informed the new residents, "He left you a jar of magic juices." both of whom instantly reply, "Oooh! Magic juices!"

Turns out it was just Herring in Cream Sauce.

The former resident was a Stanford professor. Of course Berkeley and Stanford are rivals, so Alex made a comment "Can you really expect any better from Stanford? This is just how they live."

He left them a pen.

And some fruit and laundry soap.

And vitamins

And Alex. No, wait, we brought our own Alex.

Kat, moving very quickly.

Alex doing the same.

Reading the instruction manual to their new stove, which is very narrow.

Spider! Eeeek!

Alex: "He left us some slippers. I didn't know they made slippers so ugly."

The obligitory self portrait.

The caulking! The caulking all over the place was really exciting, but my favorite was the "caulk in place of mortar" trick.

I told Alex the caulking never ceased to amuse me, to which he replied, "How could it, unless you were dead?"

Alex said the place looked like a pit. Kat disagreed. I said it didn't look like a pit, although Alex's earlier description of "cave-like" was not outside the realm of possibility.

As we sat on the couch, Alex chanted, "Pit pit pit..." in the same tone he'd chanted "Sushi sushi sushi..."

Cleaning the place up a little. A lot.

Alex, taking a piss on the new stove.

(Actually we were trying to show how narrow the new stove is: narrow as an Alex. But it sure looks like he's peeing on it.)

That dish soap, and other cleaning products, was also a gift from the former resident.

The door to Alex and Kat's room at their old residence. All the bathrooms were named after musicians, including, the Lennon John, the Sonny Baño, the Reed Loo, the AC/WC, the Depeche Cammode, and my favorite, LaToylet Jackson. I clogged Alex's favorite, the LavaTori Amos.

Day 3 and we finally starting the actual moving.

We break from moving when Noah and Kaori (whose name I probably just butchered) came up from Santa Cruz to get mollested by this statue.

The most beautiful parking job ever!

We found this in a tree. The orange hand, not the Alex.

Walking to Party Sushi!


It was very sad to think that this may be my last sushi until Thanksgiving. Alex, however, felt the need to taunt me.

We found a prom dress in the free pile. We tried to get Alex to put it on, but despite all our assistance and proding, he was unable.

We also found a computer and some peripherals in the free pile. Of course they're mine now.

There aren't really any pictures of the moving, just the crowded room once moved. We were up until 5 AM taking things back and forth. I don't know if you've ever had to haul a large minifridge up a flight of stairs after 12 consecutive hours of moving, but I sure haven't. Alex unfortunately did. This is the next morning when I woke up.

Then I killed Alex and stuffed him in that little white box. The end.