Beach Picture


Once upon a time, many years ago, Ashley and Stephen and I went to the beach after school. Ashley and I frolicked in the water while Stephen built sand castles. He soon tired of it, and hollered that he was going home. As Ashley and I turned and waved, Ashley said, "You know, this would make a really cool picture. Two people in uniform, walking into the ocean, turning around, waving goodbye." So we made grandiose plans to get together as many people as we could, all wearing plad skirts, to take such a picture. Every summer Ashley and I said "We will have it this summer!" and every summer went by without it actually taking place. Until Summer 2004.

To celebrate the joyous occasion, we made this delicious lunch snack for Who's eating pleasure.

But by that time, most of us had graduated and gotten rid of our plaid skirs, so Ashley had to supply them all.

Ashley and I have the exact same camera.


Eric, as always, was determined not to get a tan.

Sarah arrived/

Taking off her clothes! In public!

Sarah's boyfriend Jeremy.

Yeah, There were too many people in the water, but I think you can pick the three of us out.

The water was very cold.

Eric was watching Ashley's camera. He took these pictures for her enjoyment.

Eric got bored photographing us, and decided to people watch instead.

Who loves it.

We found Who's favorite boa in the ocean, so we brought it out so he could wear it.

Sarah taking off her clothes again! Woo!

Woo indeed.

It got cold rather quickly, so we left.

Aftermath I had just, hours before this event commenced, had my rubber bands removed, and been giving license to eat solid food. We went to an Indian resturaunt, and I had much difficulty eating, but I enjoyed it. And Eric stole a hat.