Michael agreed to come down for the Santa picture, but didn't want to drive all the way, so we agreed to meet roughly in the middle: Bakersfield.

I arrived a few minutes before he did, and parked at the train station where I'd only a few weeks before had a long, cold, mid-night lay over. I took off walking so I could finally have a chance to see all the sights of exotic Bakersfield.

I know a Josh from Bakersfield, and another from Chester. So when I stumbled across Chester Ave in Bakersfield, I was much amused.

There were these pigeons living under this bridge, and they'd fly right as I was passing under their beam, and scare the living shit out of me. Then they pointed and laughed.

If I'm ever in Bakersfield overnight, I'll be sure to stay at the Motel Downtowner.

Josh E's (or JosE as he sometimes likes to call himself) beloved alma mater. I told him, later, that I was in Bakersfield, and I thought of him, and he replied, "Don't."

I'm not surprised that Bakersfield High has a policy stating that students are not allowed to have any fun while school is in session, but I am a little surprised that they put it on a sign.

The Drillers? Is that intentionally homoerotic?

Yes, definitely homoerotic.

About half way back, I got a call from Michael saying he was in town. This picture has nothing to do with that. But it does explain why his car is nearby.

Oh look, Michael!

Back at the house. I got like 20% of my computer collection in this picture, purely by accident.

Eric loves it.