Ashley's bonfire


These kids were playing this this big tube-thing (as you can see), and they kept trying to erect it, but not getting very far. They kept posing (unwittingly) like the statue of the soldiers erecting the flag.

This statue.

In looking for that image, I stumbled across a rather amusing, albiet unrelated image. The whole page is full of the like. The index says, "PLEASE NOTE: All of my pages were created on and are best viewed with a msntv(webtv) unit." Looks like I'll have to upgrade.



There they go there they go!

Eric loves it.

I don't know either.

Oh no!

Flash is for sissies.

Beloved Schwarzey!

Oh no I'm a sissy!

Schwarzey prepares to put the moves on Stephen.

As we were leaving, Stephen got a call from Sarah, wanting a ride home from the prom. I tried to depict her, but my hair got jealous, and obstructed the view.

"It was great to see you guys, now get the hell out."