The drive continues


After stopping in Santa Cruz for Kelly's art show, Caroline and I continued on to the bay area. She was going to San Raphael, but her friend came and picked her up during our stop in Berkeley for pizza.

Now for the inevitable question of how we get all 5 of us there with both cars being slightly full of crap (as pictured).

Michael always wears the best pants, but I especially like these pants because of the way the yellow circles almost converge at the crotch, as if to say, "LOOK AT MY CROTCH!"

After we'd all gone to (vegan!) pizza, Caroline and her friend headed north to San Raphael, and Michael and Alex and I headed back to Alex's house to watch I Heart Huckabees. Afterward, I went back south to San Jose with Michael. I took this picture while stopped on the 580E/80W (Yes, it goes east and west at the same time. I hate this freeway.)

Once in San Jose, Michael and I ate sushi and watched Repo Man. Unfortunately, by this time I was so sleepy I was making a conscious effort just to keep my eyes open, so I can't say I remember it real well. But it seemed cool.

I was standing in my new kitchen one day shortly after arriving in Arcata, when I heard a cat crying outside. I went outside, and found a skinny black cat seeking attention. I didn't know what his deal was, if he was lost or a stray, or if he lived in the complex surrepititiously (pets are forbidden!). Either way, I didn't think it was doing much good to sit outside crying, so I fed him and petted him, and took his picture in case I needed to make some "Found cat" signs.

Turns out he was sort of a neighborhood cat, but also secretly belonged to an awesome couple people who lived upstairs. We didn't interact with them much, but when we moved in, it was pouring, and the man came downstairs and volunteered to help us carry furnature. He said that when they moved in, someone did the same for them. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to pass it on while living there, but I'm sure I'll move again.

Birds, up ahead, apparently. Maybe across the footbridge.