Heading north for the Fall


I didn't realize the princes were involved with one another, although I don't know why incest in the royal family should surprise me. I hope they have a beautiful wedding.

Here's your Hotel Coupon Guide for Calinfornia! Including those parts of California known as "Nevada" and "Arizona".

My mom pointed out as we were driving past this Santa Rosa (maybe?) hotel, "It says 'Dollar Inn', but it shows a whole bag of them."

She's so happy I'm a slave master and I demand that we make the whole trip in one day.

My camera seems to be on its last legs. I went to turn it on, and the lense didn't really come out all the way. This was the picture that resulted. It hasn't done it since, although it does like it's other Lens Games.

This is the only avacado sushi I know of in the area. Although it is no Sushi Deli, it will have to do.

Although I had been in the car very hungry for several hours, I was not hungry enough for this soup to look appetizing.