Leaving for Humboldt


Neat cloud formation. As usual, not done justice by attempts to photograph, but that never stops me.

Driving and photographing! Yes!

This art deco building is going to be torn down and replaced with 20 condos which will be "inspired by" this building. Since that clearly means they will look nothing like it, I must photograph it while it still stands. How you can cram 20 condos where there was a single building without making it sky-high, I would like to see.

Oh, sorry, "37 urban living spaces." My mistake.

Not so art deco from this perspective.

I spent the night before leaving playing with Frisky.

She's very playful until I get the camera out. She must hate having her picture taken.

Again, not that that ever stops me.

There we go!

That's my Friska!

On the road.

Whenever I let my mom take over, I always start taking pictures madly, like I must capture every magic moment of a journey I take upwards of a dozen times a year.

The first thing we did when we moved into town was find a dog. Seriously. We hadn't even been in town for an hour.

I took these pictures for the "found dog" fliers. My lease is strictly no-pets, and I knew my landlord would be coming around, so I almost asked Jon to watch the dog, but I didn't. Turns out I really should have, because it belonged to Jon's roomate.

"Hey stupid! You see that big blue body of water over there? That's the pool!"

This was the one I used for the fliers.

Took me forever to get the smell of dog out of my bed.

My bedroom has a view of my beautiful car! To say nothing of the fact that I now have a yard.

I don't know either.

I think I was aiming for the fog in the background.

The plaza! This corner is normally crowded with the homeless kids who hang out there all day, so that's why I had to take a picture of it. Incidentally, that statue is of McKinnley. Somebody around here must have been his biggest fan, because every other damn thing, towns, schools, mountains, is named after him.

What a sexy fish!

During the CCAT employee photograph, I busted out my camera and started taking pictures of my own.

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