Arriving in Humboldt


Once Eric and I finally found a place for me to live, background, I wasted no time familiarizing myself with the park next door to my apartment complex. Don't ask what's going on with the margin, I don't know.

More apartment complex.

More playbround.

A slug!

The soccer field.

The Community Center to which I owe having a park.

I spent so much time on those swings.

Two pictures in one.

I don't know this cat, I just missed mine.

Note to self: Do not write reminders on the back of your hand immediately before going to sleep.

I went to some thrift stores in Fortuna and uncovered an ungodly pink dress. Before taking pictures of myself in it, I tested the remote control that came with the camera. I think these three pictures are the only time I ever used that remote.


It's too long and too big in the boobs for me, so it should fit Jodi perfectly.

Scenery! Woo!

A desk they're selling at Costco. It was a little tiny replica of what the real desk would look like, but it was sold along side all the floor models, suggesting you needed to be very small to use it.

Yeah, this doesn't really do the scene justice, but this is from the top of a hill, and you can see the whole goddamn town.

Yeah, there's some of the town.

That house is so vividly purple, it's ridiculous.

They can't decide what to do with this fountain. It's usually just a dry concrete circle, but on this rare occasion, it was indeed, a fountain. They've since filled it with dirt and made it into a planter.

And a nice place to relax, apparently.

I spilled soymilk all over my keyboard, so I removed all the keys to clean out the soymilk. You see how, where the keys are not, it's all white? That was all cat hair.