Poop, pie, basketball and Chris Stones


Who made a pie, and he put sort of an unconventional ingredient on top.

The next day I ran into Chris on campus filming something. His camera was broken, so he asked me to take these pictures.

I did basketball for a semester, and this was after the last game before the finals. Natrually I assumed that any basketball team I might be on would stand no chance of going to any sort of finals, but I was wrong. I felt real dorky insisting everybody pose for a picture, but it's a good thing I did, because we got slaughtered in the next game, and no one was in the mood for a team photo.

As we're waiting for Who to take the picture, the person in the pink tank top, whose name I want to say is Josh, said something about wanting somebody's mom to give us tolkens and take us out for pizza.

After Who had taken the picture and returned my camera to me, Ajay decided it was time to murder Who. Apparently he wasn't very sneaky about it, as Who is calculating his getaway in this picture.

Who and Beau's girlfriend subdued Ajay by pointing "phasers" at him. He didn't even know they were camera phones, not phasers.