Treking up to Arcata to fix the stupid server


Trying to picture the boobs. They're way off in the distance. Cutting to the chase:

That car thinks you're an asshole.

I took this for Glenn of CCAT Codirector fame.

The is the no man's land between LA and the Bay Area.

This is closing in on the bay area, right after the 5-580 junction.

I don't know why all the windmills made me so happy.

The obligitory odometer picture.

When I arrived, this was what the server told me. I had no idea what it meant. I had no internet access, and no booting computers. I wanted to cry. Instead I took out a memory stick. That solved the problem.

There was an unplanned fountain near the Community Center. It's sort of in the center-leftish of the picture.

Can you see it now?

Can you see it now?


It was pretty, but kind of sad.

I had a hell of a time trying to get a decent picture, but I think this was the best.

Don't park too late! They'll tow you!

I think I was amused that the types of gas on top all had different names than those on the bottom. Also, the graffiti says "tits".

Ahh, gas station bathrooms.

Eric and I love the Noyo theatre in Willits.

My camera finally cooperated long enough to take a picture of Great! Chinese Food.

I arrived late Friday, and finally left 11 AM Tuesday. I thought I had a doctor's appointment at noon on Thursday. Turns out it was noon on Wednesday.

But that didn't stop me from stopping in Santa Cruz to see Star Wars with Ryan. When we saw Attack Of The Clones, we agreed that wherever we were 3 years later, we'd see Episode 3 together. The disappointing fact that it sucked is completely beside the point.

You think that's the po'? No! It's the Sex Patrol! Not that you can tell from looking at this picture.

I think I left town around 10. At around 5 I stopped somewhere around LA and slept for 15 minutes. I think I got home around 8 AM with plenty of time to make it to my noon doctor's appointment. And we all lived happily ever after. The end.