Moving! With much help!


Chris was kind enough to help me move. Josh Eckroth, although not pictured, moved furnature down a winding staircase and up another. So I'm no very much in his debt.

The bite mark! When I first moved in, I noticed this weird dent in the blinds, which, upon closer inspection, proved to be a bite mark. I thought I was crazy, until nonchallantly pointing it out to Eric. He concurred, and we giggled about how it was totally a sex thing. Anyway, my mom visited a month or so later, and I figured that if anyone could come up with a nonsexual explanation, it would be her. She took one look at it and kind of stared blankly, "Looks like somebody had some fun."

My car and the bite mark! Together at last! (Interpret that however you want.)

I must capture the bite from every angle.


Driving the first load of stuff to Arcata. I asked Chris to hold stuff I didn't want crushed in transit. Namely, this hard drive, and my toothbrush.

I made him wear the shorts! Those were pants at one time, respectable pants, but once the hole in the ass got too big, I cut off the legs to patch the ass. Unfortunately, I cut them just short enough to be goofy. So, milking the goofiness for all it's worth, I added lace and red trim to the ends. I still haven't warn them out in public. Chris agreed to, although ultimately did not.

Later, after Chris had left, depicting the newly furnished apartment.

You see that chair? It would not be there if not for Josh. Kudos to him.

This table also.

And my bed. My bed was the real bitch.

This bookshelf wasn't too great either.

Look! My clothes somehow fitting in this newer, smaller closet!

Even with room for junk!

I stole this from the computer clubs' papers. I was amused that someone had vandalized it.

Go vandalism!

Uh, more counter, I guess. You can never have too much.

Matching purse and lamp.

This desk just doesn't go with the color scheme.

The staircase! I almost left my last apartment forever without documenting the narrow, twisty staircase of doom. I don't even need to tell you how much it sucked moving large furnature through it. Ugh.

All the more appreciated was Josh's help.