My new dwelling


This is my next dwelling. It's a lot smaller than the place I am right now, but I like it. Check out all the motherfuckin' counter space!

That's the front door off to the left.

That's the corner opposite the front door. And that other room is the bedroom.

That's the corner opposite the fridge.

And that's the fridge.

I don't think the bedroom is even large enough for a bed without blocking some doors.

My closet door.

This closet is very small next to my current closet.

I have a fuckin' deck! If I were going to be here all summer, I'd invest in a kiddy pool and one of those inflatable doughnuts, and sit in it and drink lemonade out of glasses with an umbrella in it all the live long day.

The deck door. Off the bedroom. This is the other door I can choose to seal off with my bed.

Look out! Your baby will draw the blinds!

View from the bedroom window, I believe.

And the living room windows.

There's my car! I don't know why I so enjoy being able to look out the window at my car.

Beyond my car is the trash compactor. Ah, at long last to have the garbage man come to me again!

Off to the right of that is the laundry room. I have so missed onsite laundry I could cry.

And here is the dead bug!