Eric and I flew to Arcata over the summer to move my stuff from my old apartment to my new one. These are some shapshots I took on the way there.

Ahh, the 163.

35 miles per hour? Who are they kidding?

The Cabrillo Bridge which has been keeping the freeway narrow for many years is having some sort of work done. Once they got a look at the innerds, they determined it would cost more than they thought. They might be able to fix it, or they might just srcap it. So I'm taking pictures of it while it's still there.


Behind this one way sign is the Fat City Denny's.

"This looks like a good place for my huge anchor."

Aiming for Eric and I. Missed entirely. Got this weird man.

Oh, weird man, Eric and my shoulder.

There we are.

Natrually Eric and I hadn't gotten any sleep the night before we left. For some reason we landed in the international terminal in San Fransisco, and we had to go through security all over again. Eric was fuming. Some flight had just arrived from someplace in Asia, and people we walking around cluelessly and just stopping dead in their tracks, as people tend to do at the airport. It made me want to kill them all. But once we were on the Arcata-bound plane, we were loopy. I was especially amused by this silly little bipod man and unipod woman.

Don't be these people.

I found a lot of things amusing.

There's another one!

And a third! I was amused because I could see 5 without turning my head.

The tiny penis-ish truck we rented. Eric is standing just such that an antenna or something behind his head makes it look like he's wearing a propeller hat.

He loves it. Because he wasn't the one driving it.

In the bedroom of my new apartment. I don't know why this was significant. But now would be a good time to introduce the new apartment. It's fuckin' huge. My old studio was maybe 12 by 12. So I felt a little rediculous moving in to a not two, but five, count 'em FIVE! room apartment. I have my own kitchen and bathroom and everything. I even have a hallway. And no mystery stain. As I write this, I've been living here for like 6 months, and thep place still seems huge.

I hate the people in that house.

That's where my bed is.

My closet! Check out that fuckin' closet! It's huge! Tell me that's not huge! Fuck you! It is too! It's a huge closet. I could put my bed in there. Of course it's now packed full of my crap, but that's not the point. The point is that it's huge!

Spot with my bed again.

For the record, I had nothing to do with the paint job. It's a nice change after the institutional whiteish of Colony Inn, but some rooms I love more than others. The pea-soup green bedroom isn't bad.

The kitchen! Have you ever seen anything so yellow? It's magenta on this golden-yellow, with a black floor. I was (and am!) deeply elated by this nook! First order of business was to buy a kitchen table, so I can eat like a grownup. And it's rad. I'm also itching to have a dinner party, but first I have to learn to cook like a grownup.

The counters looks so huge without all my crap on them.


This was an attempt to photograph the hallway, but Eric stepped out the bathroom door just as this picture was being taken. As you can guess, the bathroom door is the blurry one. On that same side, farther back, is the bedroom. Opposite the bathroom door is the kitchen door.

Not pictured is the special surpise we found in the toilet. I don't know what compelled me to lift the lid and look, but there it was. Eric said even before he saw it, he could tell by the look on my face that it was bad news.

The living room. You see that corner off to the left that's not pictured? That's where my computers are. I'm sitting there right now. You can't really tell in that picture, but two of the walls are sort of peach-ish, and that nook with the window is about 3 different shades of orangey-red.


The non-closet. Eric thinks it was a stairway back when the house was a single-occupancy dwelling. Now it's like "Hey! I'm a closet without a rod or a door! In the living room!"

Yeah, I'm not such a fan of the salmon.

The poorly placed furnace. It's like 18 inches from the walls, so it eats up that entire corner of the room.

Guy from my Computer Science class. Moving too fast to capture.

Better, sort of.

Oh, my naked, empty Colony Inn room.


My rented furniture. I spilled soymilk all over that chair, it looked like some sort of bodily expulsion. They didn't take out my deposit for it, but they take out for some bullshit like "Cleaning the walls." They look clean to me.

Killing time, waiting for the taxi to pick us up and take us to the airport.

Oh, the sink. I don't think I got pictures of that. They were having plumming problems throughout the building, and gross water was coming up the sinks, and weird solids that for one reason or another remained in the limbo of the pipes. I wanted Eric to look at it, but he was too smart.

This didn't capture nearly the amount of detail that was easily discernable with the human eye.

Funny how when I lived here, all my crap fit in this closet, and yet my belongings have expanded to accomodate the new one.

Corner where my desk used to be.

Ahh, on the plane at last.

Eric's so happy to be on the way home.

Flying off into the sunset.