Ajay's dinner party


Although I'd never met Willie before, it turns out we grew up just blocks away from one another. We also attended the same grade school, but the times we were there didn't overlap. We had a great time bitching about Catholic school, and he brought up the amusing point that in Catholicism, "[noun] of Christ" can refer to just about anything. After expressing annoyance the phrase "body of Christ," Ajay said, "Everybody needs a body." I replied, "Not if you're dead," while Willie went for the "Not if you're a cracker" angle.

Earlier that day, before coming over, I found myself wanting to see John T. Carter one last time before I left town. Ajay said I should ask the universe to send him to me. I thought that was a ridiculous idea, but the universe apparently did not. He called moments after the conversation to say he was dropping by.

I have no story about Ajay's roomate, but he's awesome.