Acid trips

All the cool kids are looking at the thumbnails. You want to be cool, dont' you?

A while ago I had this camera that double exposed everything, and got some really weird pictures, that look like some sort of demented acid flashback

The ghost of Pat Binder

A nature scene

My sofa, and my friend Michele Okoh's butt

Again, my friend Michele Okoh with a cat

Michael Davis, my pet rabbit, and Meghann Sweeny on the coaster

Look at all these dorks

This is kind of scary

This is Kerry, Natalie, and the back of my door.

Some kid from my freshaman English class and these drawers in the breakfast nook (don't ask me what a breakfast nook is. I don't know, either)

I used to be really good friends with this girl, Zikarra, and she liked eating with the trendy people, so I just kinda tagged along. This is partially the trendy people, and some other stuff, but I can't tell what that other stuff is.

I don't know whose face this is

My family and Michele

Me, all gothed up, and a girl who was in my french class freshman year, Mirena. Also Leah Stephenson and Jessie Jones on the coaster

Jessie Jones


Lorena Gonzolez (she sold out)

My family decends on Michele

Natalie with a tree on her head

The trendy people, in contrast with some bus peope

Christina Daly, with a trolley on her head