Here, we Shannon, GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!!!'s mother, before GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!!!! was born.
From the side

A little later His it's pre-natal development, note the distinct development of a nose (also note Karl to the far right playing video games like his life depends upon it).

Here, we see Gonzalo, GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!!'s father, immediately after GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!! was born.

Flying GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!

GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!! died an untimely, tragic death after He was shot by his own father

Gonzalo (with the gun still in his hand), Karl and Shannon, mourning the late GIGANTE!!!!!!!

GIGANTE!!!!!!!!!! was lived on by His Evil Brother: GIGANTOR!!!!!!!!!!

Me, with the young GIGANTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on my head (THIS sure couldn't have been what turned him evil...).